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About Mahamukteshwa

Mahamukteshwar pranayama work on scientific principles. The human body has receptors it’s work is to receive signals from the body. For example, if we have ear pain, we take painkillers, which in turn reduce our pain. These receptors function is to receive and transmit signals through out our human body. There is a similar receptor in the universe that is linked to our body, but this receptor stops functioning after 30 years of human life and it moves towards old age.


In spiritual science the knowledge of pranayama helps in keeping this receptor active even after 30 years. Birth of the human life begins with “Pran” (breath) and the knowledge of inhaling, exhaling and holding helps in keeping the 5 elements balanced.  Entire universe and the human body are formed on 5 elements Water, Fire, Earth, Air, Ether. We can strengthen our human body’s 5 elements by practicing Purak, Rechak, Kumbak; it is the knowledge of inhaling, exhaling and holding one’s breath in a balanced manner, strengthening our body physically and mentally.


Sabij Pranayama: The air we breathe in is called PranVayu, our body has 5 types of Vayu – Pran, Apaan, Tyaan, Udan and Samman. All these 5 vayus gradually start to weaken after 30 years of human life and leads us to old age, weakness and makes us more prone to diseases. Sabij Pranayama increases the efficiency and longevity of these 5 vayus for a healthier and smarter old age. For example, the breathing power of a little kid is more than a 30-40 years person, since the receptors of the kid are active and has depleted in the latter.


Lord Shiva enlightened the world around him with this knowledge, but over the years the times changed and everybody seem to forgot one simple thing, one’s breathe is one’s power and reason of existence.


The healthy breathing days are now back with the teachings from Param Guru Sri Sri 1008 Ramanand Shastri to his students Guru Sri Acharya Shyamnarayan Jha and Guru Shambhu Sharan Jha.


After the demise of Param Guru Sri Sri 1008 Ramanand Shastri and Guru Sri Acharya Shyamnarayan, Guru Shambhu Sharan Jha and his student Abhay Kumar have taken on them to spread teachings and knowledge of their gurus to the entire world.